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I’ll Grow Up

Some of my avid followers may have noticed that I haven’t written for a little while. Other readers might be wondering where the rest of the reviews for 2012 are. I haven’t been ignoring my blog; I’ve just been sulking. I wrote some of the unposted reviews for the 2012 nominees a couple of weeks ago and saved them to my flashdrive, which I have apparently lost. I kept hoping it would turn up, and then when it didn’t, I grumpily decided that I didn’t want to write reviews I had already written, so I wasn’t going to do anymore until I found my flashdrive. Since I still haven’t found it, and I’m tired of having the 2012 movies hanging over my head, I’m going to act like a grown-up, accept that I made a mistake, and write the reviews again (but only after I’ve written the ones I hadn’t written, just in case a miracle happens and my flashdrive reappears – I’m not willing to act completely like an adult). Look for the rest of 2012 coming this week. Have a fabulous Monday!

An Explanation and An Apology

70 years of the oscarHello, my loyal readers (at least those that I haven’t alienated yet)! It has been a really long time since I’ve written a post, and I am so sorry. I know everyone was waiting on tenterhooks for the rest of the movie reviews from 1952. I know that the world has been holding its collective breath for the last four or five months. Please know that I wouldn’t have left you all hanging if I didn’t have a very good reason. That reason is called mononucleosis. This is a really stupid and annoying reason, because I am too old to get mono, it’s the second time I’ve had it in less than two years, and I don’t know why I got it because I haven’t kissed anyone for almost a year. You might think that having mono would actually be great for my blog, because it would give me lots of time to sit around and watch movies and write about them, but you would be wrong. Mono made it practically impossible for me to watch an entire movie without falling asleep. It also made my brain shut down, so writing was definitely out. I’ve slowly been recovering; that means that at this point I care that I haven’t written anything for a while, whereas before all I could think about was when my next nap was going to be.

My amazing sister-in-law deserves a good deal of the credit for getting me back on here. About six weeks ago, she gave me a book by Robert Osborne (whose job I would love to have, by the way) called Seventy Years of the Oscar, which is an awesome book with a very self-explanatory title. The fact that she thought of me when she saw it and got it for me made me feel very supported. Also slightly guilty. 🙂 So thank you, Meagan, for kicking me a little in the behind so I would get back to this project.

The movie reviews are going to start coming back this week. They may not happen at the rate of five a week for the next little while, but they will be posted. Please be patient with me and please keep reading. Knowing that even just a few people are reading what I write is what keeps me writing, and that makes my life better. So watch for more reviews coming soon, and thank you for being awesome!


TechnicalDifficultiesMy fabulous planning skills were foiled this week by some unforeseen technical difficulties, so there is no new post today. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more awesome movie reviews!