I'd like to spank the Academy

About this blog

Every week, I am going to review one year’s worth of best picture nominees and winners, except for the years that have more than five nominees. Those will be spread out over two weeks. Monday through Friday I will review the movies individually. Those reviews will be posted in alphabetical order, with the winner being reviewed last, regardless of where it falls alphabetically. On Saturday I’m going to review the movies as a whole and answer the question that everyone is dying to know: Do I agree with the Academy’s decision? I will be moving at random through the almost eighty years of awards unless a reader requests a specific year. (Hahaha! Look at me pretending I already have readers!) So let me know if there’s anything you want to see, any opinion of mine you’re dying to hear, or anything you want to argue with me about.

Comments on: "About this blog" (6)

  1. How about putting the year of the movies you review somewhere? So we know what groups with what? Or something.


  2. So who moderates the comments? Do you have to go through every single one or does WordPress?


  3. I would like to read your assessment of the 1939 films nominated for the 1940 Best Picture. That was a pretty big year for movies.

    Also, can you mention somewhere in the posts (or the post titles) which year your films are from?


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