I'd like to spank the Academy

I’ll Grow Up

Some of my avid followers may have noticed that I haven’t written for a little while. Other readers might be wondering where the rest of the reviews for 2012 are. I haven’t been ignoring my blog; I’ve just been sulking. I wrote some of the unposted reviews for the 2012 nominees a couple of weeks ago and saved them to my flashdrive, which I have apparently lost. I kept hoping it would turn up, and then when it didn’t, I grumpily decided that I didn’t want to write reviews I had already written, so I wasn’t going to do anymore until I found my flashdrive. Since I still haven’t found it, and I’m tired of having the 2012 movies hanging over my head, I’m going to act like a grown-up, accept that I made a mistake, and write the reviews again (but only after I’ve written the ones I hadn’t written, just in case a miracle happens and my flashdrive reappears – I’m not willing to act completely like an adult). Look for the rest of 2012 coming this week. Have a fabulous Monday!

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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen this movie. It’s pretty good. The acting was fairly well done, but the ending was confusing.



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