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I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while, loyal reader (or maybe it’s readers?). I wasn’t planning on taking a five-month hiatus from my blog. But my brain had other ideas. It decided that it would be really fun to have a grand mal seizure. I didn’t agree, but my brain is in charge, so I had a seizure in early May.

The problem with seizures is that they don’t just make you flail around on the floor for a few minutes; they really mess with your brain. I don’t remember much of what happened for the first few days after my seizure. I know that I went to see Zootopia, but I don’t remember anything about what actually happened in the movie. My sister says she showed me her first-ever tattoo, but the first memory that I have of it is from a couple of weeks later. I found some pictures on my phone that I don’t remember taking; luckily, none of them were embarrassing.

My inability to form memories didn’t last very long, but I still had brain problems. I would be having a conversation with someone, and the words I needed just wouldn’t be there. I had a hard time concentrating on anything. The only entertainment I could handle was comedy TV shows that I had seen before. I binged watched 30 Rock, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and most of Parks and Recreation. Don’t get me wrong; they are all fabulous shows. But although I could watch episode after episode of these shows, I couldn’t handle anything with a plot longer than 45 minutes. Anything deep was also out. Light and fluffy was all my brain could do, so for a few months that’s all I did.

Then one evening, I realized that I wanted something meatier. I wanted to watch a movie that was a little deeper than a TV comedy and analyze it. I was really excited to finish the movies from 1977, too, because I feel kind of on edge if I leave something unfinished. I don’t own any of the 1977 movies, so I got on Netflix to watch The Turning Point, which is the only way I can watch it since it never came out on DVD. I was so sad when I realized that The Turning Point had been taken off Netflix during the past few months; I would have to leave 1977 behind.

As I looked through my list of Oscar nominated movies on Netflix, I realized that An Unmarried Woman was currently on Netflix. This movie has also never made it to DVD, and since The Turning Point was gone, I decided I should watch the other movie that I can only watch on Netflix. I promise I will finish the movies of 1977 when I can, but for now, I’m excited to get back to my blog with the movies from 1978. Hopefully, there are still people out there who are also excited that I’m back.