I'd like to spank the Academy

About me

I’m not a film critic or a film historian. I’m a paralibrarian living in the Rocky Mountains; I just happen to be a paralibrarian who likes movies as much as she likes books. I grew up watching all sorts of movies, from Disney cartoons to black and white classics to musicals to science fiction. I don’t remember not knowing who Luke’s father is. I was fourteen before I realized that none of my friends knew who Cary Grant was. At that point, I took a quick poll in my English class and found out that no one in my class knew who Cary Grant was. Audrey Hepburn, yes, but only because she was stylish. No one had actually seen any of her movies. That experience haunted me so much that it turned into a personal essay. I hung out at the silent movie theater in high school and the international cinema in college. I took a couple of film classes in college and learned fancy words like “cinematography” and “production design.” I will try pretty much any movie once, but I reserve the right to stop watching any movie that I can’t get into after twenty or thirty minutes. I love good discussion, and I freely admit that I don’t know everything, so if you have any insights into any of the movies I review, let me know!

Comments on: "About me" (4)

  1. “Cinematography” IS a pretty fancy word. I always think of “Lawrence of Arabia” when I think of that word.


  2. Jonathan said:

    What’s a “paralibrarian”?


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