I'd like to spank the Academy

AcademyAwards-2008As much as I love old movies, the best thing about 2007’s best picture nominees as compared to those from 1956 is that I didn’t have to watch any three-hour epics, let alone three. It was kind of a relief.

Anyway, aside from all being mercifully short (at least comparatively), the movies from 2007 are kind of a mixed bag. There’s a period romance, a quirky independent comedy, a cerebral mystery, a period drama, an extremely violent period thriller. Okay, so three of the five movies are period movies based on novels, but they are all very different, which made for a very fun viewing week. It also made for an interesting year at the Oscars, because the awards themselves were spread out. The movie that won the most Oscars (No Country for Old Men) only won four. There was no one movie that was clearly better than all the others; on the other hand, none of the nominees were unworthy. There were five very good movies all nominated for best picture in 2007.

2007 is actually a year that I wish that there would have been a couple of ties. Javier Bardem was so good in No Country for Old Men, and he totally deserved recognition for his acting, but I wish Tom Wilkerson had also won for Michael Clayton. He also did an amazing job. I know, I know, ties are rare, but they can happen. I feel the same way about Tilda Swinton and Saoirse Ronan. They were both fantastic, and I wouldn’t have been able to pick one if I had to vote. Actually, no, I might have voted for Saoirse Ronan just because if she hadn’t done as well as she did, Atonement would have been ruined, but Michael Clayton wouldn’t have suffered as much if Tilda Swinton had been a little bit off her game. But still. They were both amazing performances. I’m actually a little bit sad that the movies that were nominated for best picture didn’t get more acting nominations. I like it when I’ve seen all the performances; then I feel like I can really have an opinion on whether or not the right actors got them. Sadly, in this year of male-centric movies, I missed a lot of the acting nominees. If I could somehow make this blog my full-time job, I might be able to watch all the movies that were nominated for an award, but alas. It is not to be.

The one random winner that I am going to mention is the winner for best original song. I remember when I watched the Oscars in 2007 that I was sad that none of the songs from Enchanted won. But just recently, I discovered the song “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once. I don’t remember how I happened upon it, but it is a beautiful song. While all the songs from Enchanted are cute songs, “Falling Slowly” is a truly wonderful song. If you don’t know it, go find it and listen to it. It’s great.

I’m having a really hard time putting the movies in order this time around. I thought all of them were really good. So know that my rankings below might be different if I were doing them at a different time of day or if I were in a slightly different mood:

5. Atonement
4. Michael Clayton
3. Juno
2. There Will Be Blood
1. No Country for Old Men

And just because I ranked No Country for Old Men in the number one spot doesn’t mean it’s a movie I would like to watch over and over again. It’s fantastic, but I don’t think I could sit through it again. Ugh. It’s hard to justify my own rankings sometimes. But that just feels right.

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